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Process 1

01 meetings

At Qarch we start our creative process with meetings. So that we can understand the demands and requirements of the clients and assure them to come up to their expectations with our working style.

Specific Demands
Conceptual Designs
Planning and Designing
Precision and Accuracy

02 disscusion

In the discussion session, our main focus is on the concept of the project and our team dedicates themselves to do so.

We make a rough sketch on the basis of clients requirements of space, designs and their specific choice of an architectural idea to be used. In this section, we also discuss the process of planning and our way of pursuing any kind of project.

Process 2
Process 3

03 Detailing

After discussion of planning and final designing, we come on the detailing of the project. Where we work over every detail relating to the project.




04 Site Work

After Completing the details we go through our next process of Material board. At this point, we decide which type of materials we are going to use for the project. Then our Experienced team visit to the work site and completes the process. We deliver as per planned and with accuracy.

Process 4